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Published on 25th November 2015

By the powers vested in it by article 28 of the Product Safety Act, Cap 427 of the Laws of Malta, the Technical Regulations Division of the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority is issuing this public warning to advise the general public that it has received several reports and encountered several instances where Messrs JD Lifts Ltd, also operating under Liftpoint and Elcon, is placing lifts on the market and putting them into service without the mandatory safety conformity assessment and registration procedure being followed and may therefore pose a serious risk to consumers. The Authority has taken the necessary steps to ensure that Messrs JD Lifts abides with their responsibilities as provided for under the Product Safety Act.

The MCCAA therefore advises consumers who may have these lifts installed on their premises to make sure that the said lifts are inspected by a Notified Body to ensure that they satisfy the safety requirements and that these lifts are registered according to law.

The Technical Regulations Division also advises that anyone who intends to purchase a new lift should make sure that the lift is duly certified as safe and registered prior to purchasing it.

Moreover if someone is about to buy an apartment in a condominium which is serviced by a lift, he/she should make sure that the lift has undergone the complete certification and registration procedure necessary and not only the preventive inspections before purchasing property. Failure in ensuring such a certification and registration being done, may result in the public being exposed to unnecessary dangers and also undergoing hardships through lack of availability of the lift should it be closed off and removed from service by the Authority.

The Division also warns economic operators to ensure that any lifts they place on the market undertook the necessary conformity assessment procedure and are duly registered BEFORE being put into service. Failure to do so will instigate further action taken by the Authority to ensure compliance.

More information can be found at: or by phoning MCCAA on 2395 2000.


Reference Number: PR0108
Press Release Issue Date: Jan 24, 2013

Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (MCCAA) warn consumers that it has encountered several lifts installed by Messrs JD Lifts Supplies Ltd which are not in compliance with the Lifts Regulations 2002 and the Inspection of Lifts Regulations 2007. Hence such lifts may pose a serious risk to consumers as they may not have undergone the complete certification process requested by law and they are not registered. The Authority advises owners and users of lifts installed by Messrs JD Lifts Supplies Ltd to ascertain whether these lifts have been duly certified and registered. This is a public statement issued by the Authority by the powers invested in it by Article 28 of the Product Safety Act.